WARNING TO California and Florida Residents

WARNING TO California and Florida Residents

Richard Fonfrias, J.D.
Chicago’s Financial Rescue & Bankruptcy Lawyer
Fonfrias Law Group, LLC


If you live in California or Florida, your financial problems are probably more serious than if you lived in other states. The large number of residents in these states — combined with home values that skyrocketed and then collapsed — resulted in many people owing far more on their homes than their homes are worth. This is often called being “upside-down” in your home.

Because of the huge numbers of people in financial trouble in California and Florida, hundreds — and perhaps thousands — of unqualified, dishonest credit counselors and loan companies flocked to California and Florida. They set up shop and charged enormous up-front fees for financial services, such as loan modifications, debt reductions, credit counseling — and any other financial rescue service they could get people to buy.

The problem is they never provided those financial rescue or debt reduction services. Instead, they took money from people who were desperate for a solution, facing bankruptcy, home foreclosure and financial ruin — and then did nothing.

So … if you’re thinking about hiring a debt settlement company, especially a California or Florida debt settlement company, make sure you check with recognized state consumer protection groups to find a legitimate financial rescue or debt consolidation company that provides honest services and not one that is under investigation for fraud.

The Fonfrias Law Group — based in Chicago, Illinois — is owned and managed by Richard Fonfrias, a financial rescue and bankruptcy lawyer. For residents in California and Florida seeking financial assistance, Rich now offers debt settlement services to help people get back on their feet financially.

Because Rich is a lawyer, he is a member of the Illinois State Bar, and the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission which monitors and scrutinizes his services. Please click on this link to Read Rich Fonfrias’s Biography. If Rich were unethical or dishonest, the Illinois State Bar Association would revoke his license to practice law. Rich has helped people in financial trouble by providing competent, effective legal and debt settlement services since 1996. Please click on this link to Read Comments From Rich Fonfrias’s Clients.

Here’s one reason Rich is so effective.

When Rich calls one of your creditors, whether it is a loan company, a bank or a private mortgage holder, the creditor learns that you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, as one of your financial options. This puts pressure on the creditor to reduce your debt to something you can afford. Because if the creditor won’t reduce your debt, the threat is obvious: You will file for bankruptcy and the creditor will probably get nothing.

No one can make this point as effectively as a bankruptcy lawyer.

So don’t delay. To speak with Rich Fonfrias, call now: 312-969-0730.

Here’s how to know if you have serious financial problems.

Please indicate whether you Agree or Disagree with the following situations:

1. You are making minimum payments to your creditors:     Agree    Disagree
2. You have completely stopped paying your creditors.   Agree   Disagree
3. You have charged all of your credit cards to their limits.   Agree   Disagree
4. You live from one paycheck to the next.    Agree   Disagree
5. You get letters from your creditors demanding payment.   Agree   Disagree
6. You get embarrassing phone calls from your creditors.   Agree   Disagree

Answer: If you agreed with any one of these six statements, then you already have serious money problems and may benefit from the services of an experienced financial rescue and bankruptcy lawyer.

Right now, call Financial Rescue & Bankruptcy Lawyer Rich Fonfrias at 312-969-0730 and he may be able to help you

– Reduce interest rates on the amount you owe to creditors
– Reduce monthly payments on the amount you owe to creditors
– Stop threatening letters from your creditors, and
– Stop embarrassing phone calls from your creditors.

Specifically, Rich Fonfrias will help you

– Consolidate your debts. Rich works to reduce the interest rates you owe and then combines your payments on credit cards and other unsecured debt into one monthly payment. This lowers your minimum payments, brings your past-due accounts current, stops late charges, stops over-the-limit fees, shortens the payoff time, and reduces the total interest you pay on credit card debt.

– Settle your debts. Rich negotiates on your behalf to reduce the total amount of money you owe creditors, which also shortens the time you need to pay off the debt. In most cases, debt settlements can be paid off in one to four years.

– File for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can help many people solve their financial problems; however, it is not the right solution for everyone. This is why it’s important to discuss your personal situation with a skilled bankruptcy lawyer who also provides services other than bankruptcy. In your case, if bankruptcy will help you, Rich can handle it for you. And if bankruptcy is not the best option, Rich can provide whatever financial legal services you need.