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Please Read This Personal Note From Rich

The following comments are from good, honest people who allowed me to help them get a fresh start. In some cases, to avoid embarrassment, they asked that I not list their names. I assure you, each testimonial is true and came from a real client. If you have questions about these comments, please ask me.”— Rich

I give him 5 Stars!

Rich has been helping me with my bankruptcy for the past 2 1/2 years. He is an amazing attorney and knows what he’s doing at all times. He’s always been very responsive and extremely professional. He’s helped me get my life back on track, and I would recommend him to anyone. I give him 5 Stars!


(May 28, 2020)


My case was handled expertly.

Richard Fonfrias, has been handling my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy file since June of 2013, and I would like to state that he was very efficient and knowledgeable from the start. My case was handled expertly.

Every phone call was returned, every question answered, and every issue solved in a professional yet easy manner. My wife and I are very pleased with Richard’s services and would recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable bankruptcy/financial attorney.Thank You
John A.
(Apr. 26, 2017)


Rich is very easy to talk to, listens to your problems and patiently answers your questions.

Throughout the entire bankruptcy process, Rich and Jenn (assistant) returned my calls and emails very promptly and kept me informed of every situation that came up.

Rich is very easy to talk to, listens to your problems and patiently answers your questions.

He assured me I was doing the right thing to get a clean start. So THANKFUL I listened to him, my case was Discharged!

Would definetly recommend Rich for any bankruptcy issues!JM

(March 1, 2017)

Thanks for all your help and I hope to continue on the path of prosperity.

Since you’ve helped me turn it around I’ve graduated with masters in counseling and got a job with the federal government and living and working here at the Tripler army medical center in Honolulu. Thanks for all your help and I hope to continue on the path of prosperity.Your friend,

(March 1, 2017)

Mr. Fonfrias was detailed, professional, and really showed he cared about our situation.

In May 2015 I was let go from my job that I was dedicated too for 10 years. Within a year we could no longer keep up with our bills: our credit cards were maxed out, we had medical bills which were outstanding and collection companies were calling every day. We were living paycheck to paycheck constantly “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, figuratively speaking, trying to keep up.

Finally, my wife and I decided we had no choice but to file bankruptcy. Because I had never filed bankruptcy before, I knew very little about the how the process worked, and I was not exactly sure where to begin. It was during this time that I was referred to the Fonfrias Law Group, LLC and decided to set up an appointment.

After meeting with Richard Fonfrias, my wife and I felt very reassured. Mr. Fonfrias was detailed, professinal, and really showed he cared about our situation. He put our minds at ease with making the decision to file bankruptcy.

Once we started the process of filing, Mr. Fonfrias and his assistant Jennifer M. were amazing. We had several questions along the way regarding the process and procedure and they both were patient and thorough every time we called.

For my wife and I, the initial realization that we had to file bankruptcy was a humiliating, extremely stressful and apprehensive decision. Richard and Jennifer helped to calm our fears and reassured us that we were going to get through this process and get our lives back on track.

By the end of Dec. 2016 our bankruptcy had gone through. When a couple of bills that were a part of our bankruptcy still tried to come at us, we called Jennifer and Richards and they took care of them asap.

Now it’s Feb. 2017 the phone calls have stopped and we have received no more notices in the mail.

Things are still tight as we are starting all over again to rebuild our credit, but at least the stress and the headaches of the credit cards, medicals bills, etc.. are gone, and our minds are at peace that we have not lost our home. We were very pleased with the Fonfrias Law Group and appreciate everything they did for our family. We would highly recommend them to anyone.Sincerely,

(February 13, 2017)

Fronfrias Law Group helped me through.

I was scared about the whole process of Bankruptcy, but Fronfrias Law Group helped me through. I had many questions and they were all answered in a timely manner. I will be recommending Fronfrias Law Group to all of my family and friends to handle their financial situations.Sincerely,

(December 6, 2016)

We give Rich Fonfrias Law Group a definite 10. …

Over 5 years ago, after losing half our income due to loss of employment, my husband and I were compelled to do the unthinkable, file for bankruptcy! The idea alone was agonizing to say the least.

Finding ourselves in unfamiliar territory, we reached out to the only bankruptcy attorney with whom we were somewhat familiar (via his television commercials). We were given an appointment and assigned to an attorney. As we entered the attorney’s work area and sat down, I immediately “attempted” to express how heartrending this decision was for us. His disposition was almost scathing; very callous. We were given a form to complete. Afterwards, he unscrupulously looked over the information, asked a few questions, and told us that our fee would be $300.

We could not fathom what we had just witnessed! The atmosphere was very unsettling for my husband and me. All I saw were “red flags!” We got up, told the attorney that we’d had a sudden change of heart, and left. Two days later, I perused the internet for another bankruptcy attorney, which is when I saw Rich Fonfrias’ website. I read some of his reviews, called his office, and got an appointment.

Mr. Fonfrias, being totally oblivious to what we had encountered days earlier, was warm and inviting. I knew he was “the one” minutes after we had formally become acquainted. His encouraging words and wit immediately caused the guilt that we were carrying to dissipate!

After thoroughly reviewing our information, he divulged his plan for us. The pivotal moment for us was when he told us that he was going to put our 2nd mortgage into the bankruptcy. Our hearts sunk in disbelief (yet overjoyed)! At this moment, we unequivocally knew that he had our best interest at heart.

Throughout the entire process, his unrelenting dedication to our case never wavered. He fought vigorously in the courts to ensure that we got the most favorable outcome when issues surfaced; for example, an affordable monthly payment for our creditors. He was always there to answer any questions we had regarding documents that we received from the bankruptcy court from time to time.

What resonated with me that transcended everything else was when he said to me once (during a nervous moment for me), “Don’t worry, I am here for you! I will not abandon you!” And, he NEVER did!!! We give Rich Fonfrias Law Group a definite 10. Our end was a very sweet one!Belinda

(Aug. 17th, 2016)

So here is what makes Rich amazing …

Bankruptcy probably doesn’t come in one’s life “alone”. At least in my case it came with (and because of) other traumatic personal events and it has been a difficult time, not only financially but also psychologically stressful. This is a time when you want to have a friend but this, ironically, is also a time when friends disappear. So here is what makes Rich amazing. Not only is he an expert in matters of bankruptcy and an excellent professional, but also an extremely kind person who finds time and energy to treat you like a human being, not just a “case.” He brought the kind of support in dealing with my issues that managed to give me positive energy and helped me overcome these hard times. Whenever I had a question, he was there to answer it: professionally, compassionately, and respectfully. I consider him not just my attorney but a good friend.Sincerely,

(July 25th, 2016)

He responded in a timely manner …

I needed to get a copy of my discharge for bankruptcy. Reached out to my attorney but got no response and still haven’t. Came across Mr.Fonfrias name and sent him an email. He responded in a timely manner and emailed me the copy of my discharge very quickly!!! He not only took a lot of pressure off of me but he saved my job!! I am very greatfull to him and we have NEVER met or held a phone conversation. I have recommended him to a few people whom are looking for a bankruptcy attorney. Keep up the GREAT WORK MR. FONFRIAS!!! You get things done!!!D. F.
(July 2nd, 2016)

Here’s how things have progressed since filing a Chapter 13 in June of 2013.

Dear Rich,

Here’s how things have progressed since filing a Chapter 13 in June of 2013.

December 2012
In December 2012 our houses bills were at a all time high. Interest rates went up and so did the many card payments. I had a HELOC loan for the house that went to 12%. At that point work also slowed down with income as well. I put a hold on payments to the creditors to feed my family and pay our mortgage. Trying to negotiate with creditors, no luck other than threats.

February-March 2013
Creditors relentlessly called me with threats . I attempted negotiations and no success. Creditors called family and friends, relentless calls to friends on my social media page started.

April 2013
Lawsuit started and my wife noticed on three occasions of person(s) in car doing drive by photos of our house. I still attempted negotiations and all failed. The hunt for a good bankruptcy lawyer began.

May 2013- We Hired Rich Fonfrias
After much detailed research I found a 5 star lawyer, Rich Fonfrias.
We had an interview and Rich advised a chapter 13 would help. I thought about it and did the research on Rich and he was the only 5 star lawyer in the field of financial issues. Rich was hired and the work has begun.

June 2013
No more threats, threatening mail, threatening calls (family-friends – neighbor). All has been silenced through the chapter 13 filing. Paper work all done and negotiations have begun. It is stunning to say the least, on how well creditors are open to negotiations with Rich Fonfrias and the court(s).

July 2013
All is silent and a new structured payment is agreed upon that I can afford with ease. The HELOC loan was changed to “unsecured” due to my house being underwater, due to the 2006 mortgage collapse. Meaning the lean was stripped from my house.

July to December 2013
The readjustment from using credit as a means of life have ended and the life of buying and spending within ones means have begun. BTW, $2,200 on hand cash now.

January 2014
Their are no issues with the banks and all is going OK. Christmas was great for the family. I was finally able to purchase my kids the gifts they needed and had a full Christmas dinner. The financial engine of the house is holding stable as planned.

February (EARLY) 2014
This was the month of possible disaster. The furnace went out in the house. We called the repairman to look at it. The repair person stated the furnace is 30+ years old and the heat exchanger was cracked and said to replace system ASAP. We did not have enough money on hand for the $8,000 job to do. I called Rich Fonfrias and asked if he could talk to the Bankruptcy court if we could keep our federal tax refund. Rich promptly filed the court documents along with my estimates for furnace replacement. In about 30 days I got the approval and in May 2014, the complete system was replaced. BTW, the system installed is Goodman 98% efficient furnace.

In January 2013 our heating bill was $275.00 a month. Heating bill now $96.00 or a $179.00 plus money back in our pockets.

March 2014
All here is going great. Our savings have more than doubled and our financial worries have long gone. We buy what we need and everything is purchased at a deal. Our kids birthdays and anything else was meet with no worries.

March 2015
Roof repairs became necessary, I submitted all the years of paperwork from US bank, the roof estimates to Rich Rich Fonfrias who prevailed like a night in armor. Rich got the court to approve my roof repairs and the issues are over. The roof was replace in June 2015. This house is secure.

April 2015 to April 2016
All is good here and no further worries. With the online payment feature, my wife can make the payment’s when I am away railroading. We buy the food we want and need. It was sure nice to purchase a new refrigerator in cash. It was nice to replace two cell phones, paid in cash. For us, buying something at one price and paying twice for it form financing (Visa/Mc cards) is not even a thought. Why? We have cash to purchase what we need.


Rich Fonfrias from the start of my chapter 13 to this day, has been with me every step of the way. Filing the Chapter 13 was at first the scariest decision I ever made. Filing the Chapter 13 is officially the very best decision I ever made for me and my family. We have no bills, we have no worries. We do no longer fear banks..

Thank You

P.S, if anyone would like to chat with me on “Life during a Chapter 13”, feel free to contact me. It will be the best decision you will make. If you are reading this, it’s time to file and now.John A.
(May. 5th, 2016)


We talked to 5 bankruptcy lawyers before talking to Rich Fonfrias.

We talked to 5 bankruptcy lawyers before talking to Rich Fonfrias. All of the other bankruptcy lawyers we talked to said that they could not help us and we were beginning to lose hope. Rich immediately understood our situation and confidently said that he could help us. It was very clear that he understood more about bankruptcy and law in general than all of the other lawyers we met. He answered all of our questions, explained things very clearly, dispelled all of our doubts, and gave us a solution to our problem that no one else was able to give. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, he is very supportive, personable and approachable. He never seemed to be in a hurry, he patiently listened to our concerns, and we could feel that he really had deep empathy for our situation. After meeting Rich, we felt that we were in good hands. We highly recommend Rich Fonfrias!
(April. 29, 2016)

Rich Fonfrias is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate attorney.

Rich Fonfrias is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. He has extensive experience in bankruptcy and is able to bring his expertise to this difficult and often stressful process. No one is eager to file for bankruptcy-for me and I’m sure many others it feels like a sort of failure and last resort. Fortunately, I was able to work with Rich, who was able to help me view this choice in a much more positive and productive way. Thanks to Rich’s support and expertise, I was able to view this decision as proactive, a first step toward a more positive future. Rich was always supportive, positive, informative, and available. If you find that you do want to make this choice, Rich will guide you through the sometimes challenging process-and when you come out at the other end of it, he will be there to cheer your success at being one step closer to financial peace of mind.
(April. 24, 2016)


Good morning sir. I wanted to thank you again for all your assistance with my financial situation. My divorce, taking care of my sick mother until she passed, were both stressful and challenging. Although I have a job and work hard, I still fell behind on my bills and responsibilities. Thank you for helping me navigate through those challenges. Your legal guidance has been great and comforting. I will always speak highly of you and recommend you to anyone I know in need of assistance. Thank you again and take care.Kele
(Feb. 24, 2016)

Dear Mr. Fonfrias and Ms. Moore,

Thank you for your help and all of the work that you and Ms. Moore did to handle my case. The compassionate and non-judgmental tone that the two of you projected was greatly appreciated and made what is an emotionally difficult process easier to withstand. The quick responses that you and Ms. Moore had to my emails and phone calls made me feel like a special client and not just a case number on a file. Finally, your flexible payment arrangements made the expense manageable.Bernadette
(Jan. 4th, 2016)

“I was at the end of my rope ,,,”

I was at the end of my rope with debit collectors, Wage deductions, Citations of Assets. I had lost my job, burned thru my 401 and savings with no job prospects in sight. I needed an attorney now. I went on line looking for help and found Rich’s web site. The short video explained the process and I knew I no longer could do this on my own. I made an appointment to see him to review my options. After reviewing my problem Chapter 13 was the best option. Rich went work and what I thought would be a six year repayment plan on a Chapter 13 I was discharged within two years. He was over and above what I expected. He also has a support team that you can contact if you have any question and will contact you within 24 hours or less, day or night, weekends. Jenn Moore was that person. She is a superstar. This Bankruptcy attorney is upfront and honest with his fees and gets results.Scott H.
(May 11th, 2015)

“… Then we found Rich through his website”

When considering bankruptcy, I made appointments with three highly recommended lawyers. We left each appointment thinking we had no options because all three lawyers said we would have to repay 100% of our debt.

Then we found Rich through his website. When we left his office, we finally knew that everything would be fine. Rich said we had nothing to fear and that the trustee almost never requires a 100% repayment.

Rich is not just a lawyer; he is an experienced counselor. He knew how traumatic this was for us. Rich said we could relax and let him present our case. And Rich was right. His skill saved us a tremendous amount of money. And the reassurance he gave us was well placed. Everything he told us turned out to be accurate. And we cannot recommend Rich highly enough!John A.
(Oct. 3rd, 2014)

“The compassion I saw through your eyes was what I admired most through this whole painful process.”

Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family. The compassion I saw through your eyes was what I admired most through this whole painful process. I know that you gave it your all to see if the bank would compromise and I appreciate all you have done for me. I don’t feel like there was anything we could have done better and please believe that even though I have to pay this money back, thanks to you and your kindness and once again your compassion, I am starting to get back my peace of mind.

This morning I applied for a loan on my 401 (k) plan and with that money I will make the monthly payments to the trustees. This will carry me and give me enough time to sell my father’s property. Then he can move in with me and I can finish paying off the trustees and also pay back my 401 (k) loan.

This process will take a lot of time on my knees praying because I have faith and believe in miracles.Lilliam E. Tud
(July. 7th, 2014)

“It was clear that he cares about his clients “

We didn’t want to make the bankruptcy decision by ourselves. Our goal was to find a skilled bankruptcy lawyer to help us know where we stood and what options we had. Thank heavens, we found Rich.

We sent Rich an email to get more information. From that moment, in no more than an hour, Rich responded and spoke with us at length, answering our questions and helping us overcome our fears.

Rich was careful to keep our discussion realistic, explaining our options and answering our questions. It was clear that he cares about his clients and works hard for them. No question, we found the best lawyer for us and knew he would take good care of us, which he did.

We recommend him without reservation.Dennis & Deborah W. Wimberley
(June. 11th, 2014)

“Rich gives you his undivided attention for the entire bankruptcy process.”

He never judges you; he supports you 100% from start to finish. I have called him countless times and he never rushed me and always kept me positive.

Don’t be afraid to make that first phone call. Rich will take care of the rest so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Richard is the right attorney for you and anyone else who’s ready to get a fresh start!”

Anne Marie
Chicago, Illinois (Apr. 28th, 2014)

“Rich, after meeting with you, I knew we would save our home and that we would be free from debts. “

“”Rich, after meeting with you, I knew we would save our home and that we would be free from debts. Your bankruptcy knowledge and experience are remarkable. And I finally knew the options that were available to us and what you recommended.

The speed of service you provided was amazing. I was always afraid of filing for bankruptcy. In fact, it was the scariest decision I ever made. Now I know that I should have done it long ago. As you said, I should not have been afraid of anything!

Rich, your presence, discussion, and experience were everything I look for in a lawyer. Now I see why so many people call you when they’re in financial trouble. In fact, when you and I spoke, I felt more like a personal friend than a client.

This gave me much-needed reassurance and I knew I could trust you to take me through the bankruptcy process with ease. You can depend on me to refer more and more clients to you.

Thanks very much, Rich.”
John D Amschl
Chicago, Illinois (Apr. 14th, 2014)

“Rich saved my family, my home and my health. I can’t thank him enough!”

“When I went shopping for an attorney, I looked for several weeks before I found Rich Fonfrias. I read his clients’ reviews, made an appointment and checked him out. After talking with Rich, I said ‘This man knows bankruptcy to the max.’

Rich calmly discussed my case and we weighed the options. We decided that a Chapter 13 bankruptcy was best for me. Now my family eats well, sleeps even better, and my two children are being provided for in every way. My marriage and relationships with our kids have improved 110%.

I have gone from being a person in the mainstream of society who lives for debt – to someone who uses money against the banks. Rich Fonfrias is one of the best attorneys I have ever used. He saved my family, my home and my health. I can’t thank him enough.”

John A.
Chicago, Illinois (Apr. 14th, 2014)

Dear Richard

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

“I would recommend Richard to anyone looking for an honest and trustworthy attorney. He provided excellent service with great results in the end. I will always be grateful to him for helping my family out of a serious financial problem. “

Thanks Richard (Mar. 18th, 2014)

How do you do it?

Since I first stepped foot into your office I’ve felt like your only client. I don’t know how you do that. I am forever grateful for the way you’ve handled my case and more importantly, me in such a dignified manner. I never felt so low until I had to file, but I was handled so professionally that I can’t thank you enough. I know there are other people like me that hesitate to make that move, but they will once they hear what I have to say. I think I’m going to frame my case completion letter.

Thank you, A.M.C (Mar. 2nd, 2014)

Without your help I believe I would have made mistakes and not have the opportunity to start over right away …

“Most of what you usually hear from your clients is not always good news, but the last two years after our discharge the news has been very good. After being self-employed and owning a good deal of real estate, I was lost. The economy was in the dumps and I didn’t know how to deal with all the situations I had to face, but with your help, I was able to wind down my business and deal with each piece of real estate in the manner that was best possible outcome for me. This was not easy. It took time and persistence and many calls to you but in the end, we got through it.

Since the discharge I have been able to buy a car, a brand new home and start a new prospering business. I didn’t think it could happen, but within a year I secured seller financing on a brand new home at a great distressed price and am now looking at getting a conventional mortgage. After the discharge, I was able to get a commercial equipment lease within a couple months of my discharge from a company that I had a retaliationship with. And after making a year of on time payments I have secured two additional traditional bank loans. Part of the reason I have been successful since my bankruptcy was because this was not a lifelong pattern and people were willing to take a chance on me again. The other reason was because of the way I dealt with the situation and having the right people there to guide me through what I was going through. There are hundreds of law firms that will charge a small fee, yet you receive minimal service. Without your help I believe I would have made mistakes and not have the opportunity to start over right away. And when you get down to it that is what filing a chapter 7, 11 or 13 is about starting over so you can be a productive responsible part of society again.”Thank you – Pete (Sep. 23rd, 2013)

You’ve been absolutely amazing through this ordeal …

“You’ve been absolutely amazing through this ordeal. Your prompt service has made it a less “scary” experience and has put me at ease making this difficult decision.

My questions were answered in a very reasonable time frame and in a professional manner. I would highly recommend you to anyone else looking to file for BK.”Anonymous (Apr. 19th, 2013)

I can’t thank the both of you enough…

“I can’t thank the both of you enough for all of your help, and know that I won’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family.

Thanks again and I will keep you posted”Sincerely,
H (Apr. 17th, 2013)

Richard Fonfrias of the Fonfrias Law Group is an excellent bankruptcy lawyer.

“He has a great command of bankruptcy law and the ability to explain the financial laws and in a way that a non-lawyer can understand. He and his assistant Jennifer were always reachable by phone, e-mail or text and they always provided a response back within 24 hours or less. They provided a level of comfort durng a time of heavy financial stress. So, I highly recommend Richard and the Fonfrias Law Group to help you chart out a workable solution to solve your financial debt crisis.”Tony, Dolton, IL (Nov. 17th, 2012)

We give the Fonfrias Law Group our highest recommendation.

“We knew we needed to file bankruptcy the day we were served papers.. Besides that, the collection calls were getting more and more unbearable. Unemployment had taken a toll, and it was not possible to pay creditors.

But like everything else in life, you want to find the person who knows his or her job, and who cares about you as a client. Although we had consulted with 3 attorneys about filing bankruptcy, we felt the lawyers would not be able to handle our rather complex, perhaps unique case.

After visiting with Rich Fonfrias, the decision was easy. Part of our decision was based on the fact that this is all he does, so he is well versed in bankruptcy law.. A plus was that we never felt alone, and the process was simplified for us due to Rich’s knowledge, as well as his competent, friendly, case support staff. We’re not done yet (bankruptcy takes several months) but can rest assured, knowing Rich will be there for us. We give the Fonfrias Law Group our highest recommendation.”Sharon

Hi Rich

I have a friend that is looking into foreclosing on her condo and I will be providing your information since we had such a great experience with you. She’s in a similiar situation where she bought a house already, but she’s been renting her condo out for the past year or so. Her tenant isn’t renewing and will be moving out next month, so she’s interested in looking into her options.
I let her know a little bit about what we went through with the bankruptcy to avoid a lien on our house, but didn’t share too many other details.
Thanks,H (Oct. 1st, 2012)

Thanks So Much For Your Excellent Advice!

The court hearing did take place yesterday for the motion to reverse the turnover order on the Members Alliance Visa case. Because I filed bankruptcy, the judge refused to make a ruling and to enforce the turnover – instead she ordered a “stay” until May 21st to make sure the bankruptcy goes through and is not dismissed. Thanks so much for your excellent advice!!!Chrissy

… Service Was Outstanding

I want to thank you for the professional way that you and your staff handled my bankruptcy and hearing. The process went smoothly and all of my questions were answered in a timely manner. Jenn Moore handled all of the details in a very efficient manner. Her service was outstanding. Thanks for a job well done.

Gene Gryz (Feb. 11th, 2012)

Great People To Work With And Got The Job Done

Fonfrias Law Group was very helpful and answered our questions, told us what to expect and got it done before deadline. They were always willing to take the time to answer our questions and told us what we needed to do to get this whole process finished. Great people to work with and got the job done, we would highly recommend them.Jenn Moore

I Had An Excellent Experience With Rich Fonfrias

I had an excellent experience with Rich Fonfrias. I found him through a referral after my previous attorney disappeared and left me in a real bind. Rich straightened out everything, and he made it easy for me. After a meeting and a few phone calls, my problems were solved. Rich helped me feel comfortable throughout the process, too. He was happy to answer as many questions as I wanted. And most of all – mornings, evenings, phone, email, or in person – Rich made himself available when I needed him. I would definitely use Rich Fonfrias again, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.M.B., Chicago, IL

Thanks For The Eye-opening Meeting

Thanks for the “eye opening” meeting yesterday. I was in a state of shock (in a good way) after the meeting because I didn’t realize all my financial & legal problems could be wiped clean. Read the client’s entire “Thank You” letter.Anonymous

I Would Recommend Fonfrias Law Group Because They Seem To Really Care

My experience with Fonfrias Law Group was very relaxing considering the situation. I was kept well informed and didn’t feel judged. Rich is a pleasant man to work with and I would recommend Fonfrias Law Group because they seem to really care.Diane

You Were Great to Work With…

Great! I want to thank you and Maria for everything. You were great to work with through this complicated and time consuming case.Peter

He Is An Honorable Attorney

I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to get chapter 7 relief. I did and I owe it all to Rich. He is an honorable attorney (rare in my experience).Anonymous

Attorney Fonfrias Serves The People “From The Heart!”

Our very first meeting with Attorney Fonfrias left us feeling that we had chosen the “right” attorney. He was warm, compassionate, reassuring, and quite knowledgeable. He helped dispel the “guilt” that we were carrying, although we knew we had no other recourse due to an unforeseen and unexpected loss of income.Unlike what we perceived from another attorney while considering him for the job, we perceived that Mr. Fonfrias had our very best interest at heart after the very first consultation; he has been a man of his word! He did not do a “rush” job on us. He worked hard to ensure that we received the very best payment plan for our particular financial situation.There is nothing like honest ratings/reviews from ordinary people. We would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Fonfrias to anyone requiring his services.Thank you Attorney Fonfrias! Continue to serve the people “from the heart!”Anonymous

A Strong Advocate In Representing My Best Interests

Richard is professional and knowledgeable to provide sound advice and legal counsel. He helped me to navigate a complex set of issues that needed careful balance between bankruptcy and parallel divorce issues. Richard answered all my questions throughout the process and was a strong advocate in representing my best interests from start to finish.Anonymous

I Would Highly Recommend Rich

I would highly recommend Rich.  He is extremely personable, patient, helpful in every way, and above all, very communicative.  You will feel protected the way one expects when one says: “I have a lawyer.” Thank you, Rich.K.G.

I Would Recommend Richard To Everyone

I was in a very bad financial time. I had gone to 5 different lawyers looking for options on bankruptcy. All of them told me my only option was a chapter 13 bankruptcy. They also said I would have to make payments of six to a thousand dollars a month for the next five years. I new there was no way i could make those payments. Then I met Richard. I explained my financial hardship to him. He asked me questions over the phone so I wouldnt have to take any time off. He told me I could do a chapter 7 bankruptcy. I could always call or email him with any concerns and if he didn’t answer would always get back to me within 15 min whether it was to answer a question or just make me feel better about the situation Richard was always right there. It really amazed me how other lawyers told me I couldn’t do a chapter 7 and Richard made it happen. He is a very truthful and honest lawyer. I would recommend Richard to everyone.Anonymous

Rich Was A Great Counselor

When the economy turned our financial situation became unsustainable. Rich was referred to me by a real estate professional. We had numerous conversations over many weeks. Ultimately we decided upon a course of action, Chap 13. While I was not proud of the situation, Rich was a great counselor. He was always available to answer questions. I truly believe I am now on my way to a better financial future.Dave

Rich Is A Lawyer You Can Trust

Rich is a Lawyer you can trust. He helped me file my Chapter 7 and he gave me the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy. He made my process pain-free and quite easy. I recommend anyone thinking of filing for bankruptcy should schedule an interview with Rich.Dominic

You Help Me Focus On The Task At Hand

Thank you so very much for your time and patience in explaining the process. This is really BIG and I feel slightly overwhelmed in working this through in parallel with the divorce/custody challenges — so having clarity in information/data helps me focus on the task at hand. Onward!Cherie

Thank You

Thank you for all your help I appreciate you being their over the last year and half for legal and moral support, and mostly piece of mind.Pete

We Recommend Richard Fonfrias

Rich gave us straight forward information without sugar coating the situation or the outcome. He let us know exactly what to expect and made sure that we had all the proper and documentation to make our case succinct and successful.Tom


Thanks for EVERYTHING! Without you this would not have ever happened. We wouldn’t have done it. We wouldn’t have gotten through that bump. And it was so much less scary knowing that we could trust you.E.

I Recommend Richard Fonfrias

“Bankruptcy is a life-changing event and something I thought I would never have to do. Working with Rich made me more comfortable about the option of bankruptcy which made my financial responsibilities easy to manage. Rich communicated with me in a timely manner and he definitely put my mind at ease. Even though my case has been settled, Rich continues to follow up with me to make sure everything is working out. He was, and still is, available when I have questions or concerns. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Rich.”Tracy

Honest And Very Knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney In Illinois

“I would like to recommend to anyone needing an honest and very knowledgeable attorney for bankruptcy in Illinois, Richard Fonfrias and his assistant made a very difficult time in my life much more bearable. The work was even complemented by the bankruptcy trustee.”John, Chicago, IL.

Nothing But The Best In Both His Trust And Commitment To Us

“We have been dealing with Rich for a very personal reason, and he has been nothing but the best in both his trust and commitment to us!”Josh, Chicago, IL.

I Have Not Met Anyone As Sincere And Helpful As Rich

“When I first met Rich He listened to what I needed, and did not mention anything about his fees! He wanted to see how he could help me first. After that was established we laid out several options for me. Rich gave me his undivided attention and answered every question I had, it was as if I was speaking with a Life long friend, and i just met the guy! My first impression was a very good one and I could not be more pleased. I have worked with attorney’s in the past, but I have not met anyone as sincere and helpful as Rich!”Anonymous

Great Results, Personable & On Time

“Richard is a caring person with great legal insight and expertise. You feel that he is connected with your “file” and understands the depth of your legal issue. This is the first lawyer that I truly felt at ease with and was sad when my case ended. I would recommend him to others.”Holly Campbell

I Feel Like He Saved Our Financial Lives!

“My husband and I hired Richard to help us through a bankruptcy. We really struggled with deciding to do this, and Richard patiently helped us understand all the facts about it. Once we decided to go ahead, he walked us easily through the whole process – constantly keeping a cool head, working very hard on our behalf, answering all of our many questions along the way. He made a very difficult situation much less stressful. The result – I feel like he saved our financial lives!”Anonymous

Finally A Lawyer You Can Trust!

Bankruptcy is a very sensitive issue. The reason an individual files can be for a variety of economic circumstances known only to them and their lawyer. Getting prompt attention before and after filing is quite important. Mr. Fonfrias makes sure he answers all e-mails and phone calls on the same day. He also hires staff that is reflective of his mission and an extension of himself–kind and courteous. I would recommend him to anyone who must make that critical decision in their life.Anonymous; Chicago, Illinois

“Rich Is A Reliable, Hardworking Guy Who Pays Great Attention To Detail”

“Rich is very thorough and pays great attention to detail. He’s a reliable, hardworking guy who will still be working long after everyone else has turned the lights off and gone home. Rich has a great personality and works well with people. Plus, he’s a terrific lawyer. He and I have been long-time friends and I have also been his client. I would certainly refer him to anyone who wants to solve financial problems.”Duane Jones; South Holland, Illinois

“Rich Used Words I Understood And Took Time To Explain Everything To Me”

“What I appreciated most about Rich was that he spoke in language I could understand. I was in unfamiliar territory and Rich took time to explain what this is, what that means – all in language I understood. Also, Rich has great followup skills. Many people in business have good intentions about following up, but often don’t. It really says something about a lawyer when he takes the time to followup. It means he’s going to get the job done. Rich has always been accessible and returned my phone calls. Plus he knows the complicated laws very well. Rich will not miss one number or letter. You’ll never find a typo. He really knows his specialty and I would absolutely refer friends to him.”Lora Boffa; Bloomingdale, Illinois

“Richard Is Reliable, Returns Calls Promptly, And A Good Person”

“Richard is reliable and a team player. He is able to explain complex concepts in a way an aver-age person would understand. While efficiently handling a heavy bankruptcy caseload, he returned clients’ calls promptly. Finally, Richard is a good person and a good friend.”Bankruptcy Attorney, Name Withheld by Request; Chicago, Illinois

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