8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Financial Rescue & Bankruptcy Lawyer

8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Financial Rescue & Bankruptcy Lawyer

Richard Fonfrias, J.D.
Chicago’s Financial Rescue & Bankruptcy Lawyer
Fonfrias Law Group, LLC


MISTAKE #1:  Choosing a lawyer who doesn’t have enough expe­ri­ence.  The most important factor in choos­ing a Financial Rescue and Bankruptcy Lawyer is the depth of his knowledge, skill, judgment and experience handling financial problems.  This includes experience defending creditor lawsuits, defending credit card lawsuits, defending foreclosures, stopping bank account seizures, preventing equipment repossession, eliminating debts, modifying loans, and handling all types bankruptcy, if bankruptcy is the best solution — and proposing bankruptcy alternatives if bankruptcy isn’t necessary.  Make sure the lawyer you select has in-depth experi­ence handling all types of financial circumstances.

MISTAKE #2:  Choosing a lawyer only because you like his advertising.  A flashy TV commercial or yellow pages ad doesn’t mean anything except that the lawyer agreed to pay for the ad.  Advertising can make almost any lawyer look like an ex­pert.  Don’t choose a lawyer solely because you like his ad.  Make sure you ask questions about the attorney’s experience in handling financial catastrophes.  I will be glad to discuss with you cases I have handled that are similar to your own.

MISTAKE #3:  Choosing a lawyer because he has an attractive web site.  Like TV commercials, a web site can make you believe the lawyer has more experience than he really has.  Don’t take your eye off the ball.  You want a lawyer who has in-depth experience handling serious financial problems, foreclosures and bankruptcies.  Make sure you ask questions about the lawyer’s experience in handling situations similar to yours.

MISTAKE #4:  Choosing the lawyer who promises to resolve all your problems in your favor.  Financial problems, foreclosures and bankruptcies are rarely easy or predictable.  While a good lawyer can improve your circumstances, still, no lawyer can be sure how the court — creditors and their lawyers — and bankruptcy trustees will handle your situation.  This is why it’s critical that you hire an experienced Financial Rescue and Bankruptcy Lawyer.

MISTAKE #5:  Choosing a lawyer because of a referral from a friend.  When a friend refers you to a lawyer, be careful.  Yes, your friend probably means well.  But your friend may not be the best source for a referral.  You see, people often select a lawyer because they like him.  But you need a lawyer who is much more than a nice person.  You need an attorney who has the skill and experience to give you accurate advice, design a plan that will solve your problems, and stand up to creditors and their lawyers from large law firms.  Make sure you are satisfied that the Financial Rescue and Bankruptcy Lawyer you choose has the knowledge, skill, judgment and experience you need to get you the best result.

MISTAKE #6:  Choosing a lawyer merely because he appears successful.  A handsome office and an expensive car don’t tell you anything about the lawyer’s experience.  Don’t judge a lawyer merely by appearance.  Choose a lawyer by whether he has the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to handle the mountain of paperwork that goes along with financial problem solving.  That’s the best way to make sure you get the result you want and deserve.

MISTAKE #7:  Choosing a lawyer because of the location of his office.  You may be inclined to select a lawyer who has an office down the street from your home or office.  But this could be a big mistake because what you gain in convenience you may lose in knowledge and experience.  Most of the work between you and your Financial Rescue and Bankruptcy Lawyer can be done by mail, e-mail, and over the telephone. Do yourself a big favor and hire the most experienced lawyer you can find, even if you have to drive a little farther to his office.  Because experience is key to defending and solving serious financial problems.

MISTAKE #8: Not reviewing the lawyer’s track record. You can get a good idea of a lawyer’s experience by reviewing his track record. Ask the attorney about how he has rescued other individuals and businesses from financial ruin. This will help you determine whether the lawyer has the knowledge, skill, judgment and experience to handle your financial situation.