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Living with uncertainty and stress because of past due bills, IRS debt, frozen bank accounts or student loan debt? Harassed by collection agencies and debt collectors? Staying awake at night worrying about mortgage foreclosure and judgment liens? Your first step towards a brighter financial future for you and your family is just a phone call away. If you need debt help for any number of reasons, be it unpaid credit card bills, tax debt, past due bills, late payments or unpaid parking tickets, Rich can help. As a top Chicago BK lawyer, Rich can also assist with garnished bank accounts, foreclosure sale, mortgage foreclosure, judgment liens, protection from creditor and license suspension.

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Specializing in all facets of bankruptcy law, Chicago bankruptcy attorney Rich Fonfrias, assists clients navigate the bankruptcy process and works with them to find workable solutions to their credit card bills or money problems. A well-regarded Chicago lawyer, Rich provides a full range of financial legal services for businesses and individuals, including bankruptcy assistance, bankruptcy avoidance, bankruptcy repair, mortgage repair, credit repair, foreclosure avoidance, loan modification services, tax reduction and tax lien services.

If you need a Chicago BBB bankruptcy lawyer, Rich Fonfrias can help. The Fonfrias Law Group, LLC is a downtown Chicago BBB law firm that specializes in financial rescue and bankruptcy. Call Chicago’s financial rescue lawyer to discuss bankruptcy alternatives, foreclosure defense, loan and line of credit modification, credit card defense, debt elimination, car repossession prevention, car and home seizure prevention, credit report errors, filing late tax returns, back taxes settlement, state liens and levies, credit repair, business seizure prevention, and any other legal problem you might have.