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Working exclusively with businesses in financial distress and people struggling with debt, the Chicago law practice of Richard Fonfrias is here to help those in Chicago with serious money problems.Providing a wide range of professional legal services to insolvent businesses and individuals in financial distress because of mounting credit card debt, equipment and vehicle repossession, back taxes owing, mortgage and loan arrears, foreclosure or collection agency harassment, Richard works with his clients to find the best solution to their financial problems.

As a respected Chicago bankruptcy lawyer, Richard Fonfrias is not only an Illinois bankruptcy specialist, but a financial rescue lawyer who works with his clients to explore possible alternatives to bankruptcy. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Rich has an in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law and possible bankruptcy avoidance strategies that may be over-looked by lawyers who don’t specialize in bankruptcy law. Rich is always ready to answer any questions you might have about bankruptcy, bankruptcy avoidance, protect from creditors, foreclosure prevention, tax problems, credit repair, debt settlement, or any other financial problems you need help with.