13 Tough Questions to Ask Before You
Hire a Financial Rescue & Bankruptcy Lawyer

QUESTION #1: What percentage of your practice is devoted exclusively to solving financial problems and bankruptcy?

QUESTION #2: How long have you been helping clients with their financial problems and bankruptcy?

QUESTION #3: Which debts can be discharged through bankruptcy – and which cannot?

QUESTION #4: If bankruptcy isn't appropriate in my case, do you offer services that are alternatives to bankruptcy?

QUESTION #5: What percentage of your clients file for bankruptcy? And what percentage of your clients use bankruptcy alternatives?

QUESTION #6: Have you represented clients in situations similar to mine?

QUESTION #7: If I can't come to your office, will you come to my office or home?

QUESTION #8: What do you charge for your services and how do you determine the amount of your fee?

QUESTION #9: Are you a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys?

QUESTION #10: Do you present free educational seminars so I can learn more about financial solutions and bankruptcy?

QUESTION #11: Will you discuss my financial problems with me over the telephone?

QUESTION #12: Will you evaluate my case for me without cost or obligation?

QUESTION #13: Will you send me free educational information on things like home foreclosure and tax reduction to help me understand my financial problems and how you can help me solve them?