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Richard Fonfrias leads a structured educational group covering options to help people in financial distress learn about becoming debt free. Rich can be reached directly at 312-969-0730 or via email: Hope to meet you soon!

Please join my Meetup Group by viewing my Meetup Page and learn more about things like
  • 12 Myths and Misconceptions about bankruptcy
  • Avoid home foreclosure
  • Get a car loan after bankruptcy
  • Get debt consolidation help
  • Learn about credit card management
  • Read about tax reduction & tax lien defense lawyers
  • Find a mortgage & loan refinance specialist
  • Learn about credit repair & creditor defense
  • Stop mortgage foreclosure
  • Erase credit card debt
  • Remove tax liens
  • Save your home or business
  • Manage your money
  • Improve your credit score
  • Get out of debt
... and more — with (or without!) filing for bankruptcy in Illinois.