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Citation to Discover Assets May Come Up Empty Because Illinois Law Protects Some Income And Property

The Citation to Discover Assets: What Happens During the Examination?

The Citation to Discover Assets: How Creditors Learn Where You Work And Garnish Your Wages

4 Key Points To Remember About The Citation To Discover Assets

How To Reinstate Your Mortgage And Avoid Foreclosure

What Collection Actions Does a Bankruptcy Stay Not Stop?

How to Settle Your Debts for Less Than You Owe:

What is an Injunction and How Does It Work?

What is a Bankruptcy Stay and How Does It Work?

Am I Legally Liable For Property Taxes After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Requires IRS To Release A Levy Or Seizure

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Affects Your Mortgage

What Should You Do When You Have Creditors You Can't Pay?

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Affects Your Car

IRS Taxes: If You Owe A Lot More Than You Can Pay, You May Qualify For The "Offer In Compromise" Program To Erase Your Debt

Tax Lien Basics

The Citation to Discover Assets: When You Go To Court

How to Defend Yourself in a Citation to Discover Assets

Purchasing a Vehicle After You File Bankruptcy

Felony Bankruptcy Fraud Puts You in Federal Prison

Your Home's Short Sale Or A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Often Solve The Same Problem; Rarely A Need For Both

When You Can't Pay, Your Cosigner Must!

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Erases More Types of Debts Than Chapter 7 Does

Can I File For Bankruptcy If I'm Not An American Citizen?

How to Take Back Your Home After A Tax Sale in Illinois

Liability For Cosigners on Student Loans

Your Cosigner Is Responsible For Your Debts, Now and In Bankruptcy

How Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Affects Your Cosigner

May I Repay Loans To My Family Before I File For Bankruptcy?

Veterans Can Get A VA Home Loan Even After A Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Make Sure You Dispute Inaccurate Bankruptcy Listings On Your Credit Report

The Citation to Discover Assets: The Tool Used to Collect on a Cook County, Illinois Judgment

Legal Definition: What is a Rule to Show Cause?

Real Estate Definition: Illinois is a Judicial Foreclosure State

Real Estate Definition: What Does It Mean When You Waive a Deficiency on a Mortgage?

Real Estate Definition: What is a Short Sale?

Real Estate Definition: What is a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure?

Can the Lender Take Your Car in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

How Your Bankruptcy Affects Your Cosigner's Obligation to Pay Your Debt

How Often Can You File For Bankruptcy?

After Foreclosure You Might Still Owe Your Lender Money: "Deficiency Judgments" in Illinois

Tactics You Can Use to Meet Debt Limits In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

How a Small Business Can Benefit From a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Will A Bankruptcy Keep You Out of the Military?

Bankruptcy Rules for Military Personnel

Getting a Home Loan After Bankruptcy

How a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Helps With Student Loans

Unemployed & Broke: Can You File For Bankruptcy?

How Bankruptcy Can Help Your Credit Score

The Latest Facts on Joint Bankruptcy Filing

You Keep All of Your Property in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Provided You Follow the Rules

Homes In Foreclosure: The Crisis Goes On Even for homeowners receiving help, redefault rates are high

Your Citation to Discover Assets: When You Must Tell Your Creditor About All of Your Property

Social Security Disability Overpayments:
Social Security Wants the Money Back But You May Have an Ace in the Hole

Judgment Creditors Can Find Your Assets. Here's How.

Creditors Use Liens Against Property to Collect What They are Owed

What is a Charge-Off and How Does It Affect You?

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Foreclosure in Illinois?

Survey Reveals the "Big 3" Reasons Why People File for Bankruptcy

Reaffirming a Debt in Bankruptcy Your Risks and Rewards

Facing Foreclosure? Bankruptcy Can Help You Avoid or Delay Losing Your Home

Has a Default Judgment Been Entered Against You? If so, here's what to do

4 Problems With the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

How Your Expenses Can Help You Pass Bankruptcy's Means Test

Federal Government and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Bars Dual Tracking, Enacts Strong Protections for Homeowners Struggling to Save Their Homes

If a Debt Settlement Sounds Good to You, Wait - Until You Learn About its Tax Consequences

Student Debt Rises Causing Seniors to Fall Below Poverty Levels; Here's A Little Relief

An Offer in Compromise or a Bankruptcy Which is Better For You?

Student Debt Rises Causing Seniors to Fall Below Poverty Levels

Court Rules in Favor of Citibank and Against Customers Who Use Credit Cards That Amass Rewards Points

Illegal Methods That Debt Collectors May Not Use

An Offer in Compromise or a Bankruptcy Which is Better For You?

"Innocent-Spouse Rule" May Protect You If Your Spouse Cheated on Your Taxes

Your Alternatives to Reverse Mortgages

When You Can and Cannot Wipe Out Taxes in Bankruptcy

What Taxes You Can and Cannot Erase in Bankruptcy

What Happens To Your Tax Refund In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Affects Your Taxable Income: Here's How

How to Redeem Your Taxes After They Have Been Sold So You Don't Lose Any of Your Property

Tax Sales: Buying & Redeeming Real Estate For The Delinquent Property Taxes

IRS Tax Liens: What Every Taxpayer Needs to Know

Everything You Need To Know About Notices of Deficiency, IRS Tax Liens, Property Sales for Back Taxes, and Redeeming Your Property After a Sale

Business Debt: Erase Your Personal Liability With a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy: Nearing the End

Bankruptcy: During the Process

Bankruptcy: In The Beginning

What Happens to Your Car in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

For Abraham Lincoln, Bankruptcy was No More Than a Hiccup on the Road to the Presidency

Who Does Not Have to Take The Bankruptcy Means Test?

Can I File for Bankruptcy Again?

Medical Credit Cards Often Drive Patients Into Financial Disaster While Doctors and Dentists Get Paid Immediately

Overpayments: When Social Security Pays You Too Much

Is Bankruptcy Worse Than A Garnishment?

How Bankruptcy Affects An Offer In Compromise with the IRS

You Can File For Bankruptcy Even If You Are Not a Citizen of the United States

How to Redeem Your Taxes After They Have Been Sold So You Don't Lose Any of Your Property

Divorcing? Protect Yourself by Filing for Bankruptcy First

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Makes Paying Criminal Restitution Much Easier. Here's How It Can Help You

Bankruptcy Affects Your Taxable Income: Here's How

The Automatic Stay Stops Creditors' Collection Efforts

Foreclosures and Subsequent Deficiency Judgments Cause Big Problems For Cash-Strapped Homeowners

Report Shows Illinois Foreclosures Down, But Still High

2013 Credit Card Debt Misleading Unless You Know Why

Tax Sales: Buying & Redeeming Real Estate For The Delinquent Property Taxes

Fiscal Cliff Looms as Federal Government Looks For Ways to Make Student Loans More Affordable and Easier to Refinance

New Foreclosure Rules Handed Down By Illinois Supreme Court Take Effect in 2013

What Happens To Your Tax Refund In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

If Someone Gets A Default Judgment Against You...

New Law Speeds Up Forclosure Process, Help Lenders Sell Homes More Quickly

Bankruptcy Terms: Summons, Complaint and Default Judgment

Loan Modifications: The Bank's Opportunity to Lie, Cheat and Steal --- From You!

When You Can Erase Taxes in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Court's Automatic Stay Has Limits; Foreclosure Action Could Be Only Delayed, Not Eliminated

Foreclosure: You're Not Necessarily Off The Hook;
Deficiency Judgments Cause Big Problems

Deeds In Lieu of Foreclosure Can Help You or Hurt You

Liquidation Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Facing Foreclosure? Warning: Read This Important Message From the Federal Trade Commission

How to Defend Yourself in a Citation to Discover Assets

Questions And Answers About Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

What Every Illinois Homeowner Needs to Know About Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Prevention Tips

Should I Hire an Illinois Lawyer to Handle My Bankruptcy?

Credit Card Charges, Installment Loans & Medical Bills Cause Bankruptcies to Soar

7 Shocking (and Costly!) Facts About Consumer Credit Counseling

8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Financial Rescue & Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer

8 Eye-Opening Secrets That Reduce the Pain of Bankruptcy

Debts You Can & Cannot Erase with Bankruptcy

11 Tragic Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

20 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Thinking About Filing For Bankruptcy

How To Solve Money Problems

Reverse Mortgages: A Popular Way to Finance Retirement -- But Beware of Scam Artists

Countrywide Home Loans Will Pay $108,000,000 to Customers Affected by its Unfair Lending Practices

7 Mistakes Lawyers Make That Could Put Your Confidential Information Into The Hands of Identity Thieves

WARNING TO California and Florida Residents

How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Eligibility for HAMP?

Filing for Bankruptcy Can Improve Your Credit Score

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Erase Lawyers' Fees In Family Law & Divorce Cases

IRS Tax Liens: What Every Taxpayer Needs to Know

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Do You Qualify? How is Eligibility Determined?

3 Common Types of Bankruptcy Fraud Can Land You in Prison

Means Test Decides Whether You Can File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Widespread Criticism Leads to Vote to End Last Remaining Obama Housing Program

Loan Redemption Program Lets You Keep Your Car After Bankruptcy and Save Money

How to Protect Yourself From Mortgage Relief Scams:

How Creditors Can Garnish Your Money

8 Steps to Raising Your Credit Score After a Bankruptcy

Improve Your Credit Score by Filing for Bankruptcy: Here's How

7 Costly Misconceptions About Credit Repair

12 Money-Saving Tips For Tough Times

How to Correct Bankruptcy Entries On Your Credit Report

How to Get Charge-Offs Removed From Your Credit Report

How to Appeal a Notice of Deficiency and Other Types of Letters from IRS

How to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Converting a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Q and A - What Happens at My 341 Meeting of Creditors?

7 Costly Misconceptions About Mortgage Loan Modifications

You Can Eliminate Medical Bills In Bankruptcy

How to Identify and Protect Yourself From Mortgage Modification and Foreclosure Scams

How to Raise Your Credit Score and How It Affects Your Life in a Big Way

Your Credit Score Greatly Affects Your Loan Interest

Why You May Owe Money to a Company You've Never Done Business With - and How to Get Rid of the Debt Forever

You Avoid Foreclosure When Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Erases Your Second Mortgage in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

File For Bankruptcy While Your Bills Are Current And You'll Have More Options

Your Home Equity Loan - or Second Mortgage - May Now Be Unsecured. Here's Why.

You Could Buy a Car Even Before Your Bankruptcy is Discharged

WARNING: You Could Owe Money to the Bank Even After You've Been Kicked Out of Your Home

Lender Can Enforce a Foreclosure Deficiency Judgment Against You in Illinois Even if It's From Another State

Judgment Liens: What They Are and How They're Created

Suspended Driver's License Can Be Reinstated in Bankruptcy

Mass Joinder Lawsuits: A New Twist on Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Yes, It's Possible! You Can File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy While You Earn $1,000,000 Per Month

You Get Less Bankruptcy Protection Each Time You File

Bankruptcy Might Help if Unpaid Parking Tickets Result in Your Driver's License Suspension

7 Ways You Can Avoid Foreclosure

2 Government Programs Help You Modify Your Home Loan;
If You Qualify, "Illinois Hardest Hit" Even Makes Your Payments For You