Chicago Parking Tickets Can Now Be Discharged In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Richard Fonfrias, J.D.
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If Your Parking Tickets Are More Than 3 Years Old

If all of your tickets are more than three years old on the date you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the city of Chicago will waive the tickets when it receives your Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge. This is limited to the following tickets: Parking tickets; Red light tickets; Standing compliance; Automated speed enforcement (camera); Automated traffic law enforcement (camera).

If Your Parking Tickets Are Less Than 3 Years Old

If all of your tickets are less than three years old, you may set up a repayment plan for the original amount of the ticket. The increased penalties, such as doubling or tripling the fines, have been eliminated under this program. This plan must be repaid in less than five years. You must pay any traffic citation you receive during the installment payment plan.

If you fall behind in your payments, the city gives you two opportunities to catch up.

If you fall behind a third time, then you lose your repayment plan. This means you must pay all the tickets, including those older than three years plus the original penalties.

If Your Car Has Been Towed Or Booted By The City

To retrieve your vehicle, you must pay 25% of the tickets that are younger than three years, but only at the original amount, without penalties. So if you have $4000 in tickets that are less than three years old, the original amount is $2000, and 25% of that is $500, you would owe an immediate payment of $500 to reclaim your car.