Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Erases More Types of Debts Than Chapter 7 Does


Richard Fonfrias, J.D.
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There are a lot of difference between types of bankruptcy that are always best explained by a trusted bankruptcy attorney. Even with extensive online research, differentiating between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be difficult without the knowledge of a professional bankruptcy lawyer. Here is a list of debts that can be erased in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy but cannot be discharged in Chapter 7.
  • Torts (wrongful non-criminal acts) that are willful and malicious, if not in the form of a judgment;
  • Marital property settlement debts that are not in the form of support;
  • Debts from an earlier Chapter 7 bankruptcy in which a discharge was denied
  • Restitution, unless the person was convicted of a crime; and
  • Debts that were incurred to pay nondischargeable income taxes.
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